Who is prime minister?


The prime minister is the head of government and is appointed by the president. The prime minister is a member of the national assembly and also a member of cabinet. The role of prime minister includes being responsible for the overall direction of government policy, including the allocation of funds to various departments and agencies under his or her control.

What prime minister do?

The prime minister is a very important person in Australia. He or she is the head of government and leader of the majority party or coalition in Parliament. The prime minister must also have the support of his or her party room to lead them on issues such as policy and budget decisions.

The prime minister’s role is to not only lead but also manage how things work within their government, which includes making decisions for ministers, advising them about what needs to be done and working out decisions with other ministers on issues such as policies and budgets.

The prime minister’s job can also include meeting with other countries’ leaders or foreign visitors from overseas countries; representing Australia at official ceremonies; talking about Australian politics to international media organisations; going overseas for official visits (this can be both long-term trips or short ones) where they might visit countries like New Zealand or Singapore; attending special events like Anzac Day ceremonies where Australians pay tribute each year to those who fought during wars years ago.

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